Thursday, April 30, 2009

A week in pics...

Hailey decided on quite the interesting outfit today...I picked the pants and shirt, she picked the leg warmers and glasses (pronounced "gyasses")

Here is Hailey attempting to do a chin-up at my mom's on her swing. I think the tongue out helps provide strength. :)

As per usual, here's one of Hailey's many silly faces...

And here she is lounging on the swing like a princess. She really loves that swing!

We've been BBQing a lot more lately, and this girl LOVES it. She especially loves corn on the cobb...

And last, but certainly not least...I was just getting ready the other morning when Hailey came into my room wearing this and informed me that she was going outside by herself...she then DARTED down the hall and before I even got to the living room I heard the door open! She had almost shut the door when I reached her (please feel free to laugh at the huge pregnant lady running around in her towel!) and informed her that she was NOT to go outside without mommy or daddy! I have had to start locking the deadbolt so she doesn't sneak!! Crazy girl... :)

Yes, she's laughing devilishly in this picture as I just got done reprimanding her for the above infraction. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Glorious Sunny Days...

I'm sure you're getting so sick of the same post day after day, but this has literally been the best week EVER! Every day we are outside playing, blowing bubbles, having picnic lunches, using the hose as a sprinkler...good times!

We also finally got around to washing my car...I don't think we've washed the outside since this winter (why bother when it rains almost every day) and Hailey helped, too. (By "we", of course, Todd scrubbed and I rinsed :)

Stay tuned for more fascinating pictures of Hailey playing in the yard. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helpin' Daddy...

This morning Hailey decided that she'd like to help Daddy clean the she picked out her jean skirt, sweatshirt, and snow boots, of course! It was a bit challenging to get her to pose in her cute outfit, so I had to sneak a pic...But when asked to pose with her dad, she had no trouble...these two are joined at the hip when Todd's's so cute. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Observations of a 2-Year Old...

While watching Sesame Street this morning, Hailey noticed a few things about Ernie and Bert...

Hailey: Look at Ernie! He wearing mittens.

Me: Yeah, what are in his mittens?

Hailey: His fingers!

Me: Yeah! And what is Bert doing?

Hailey: He reading a book...about Moses!

Me: I'll bet you're right, Hails...Bert is reading a book about Moses... :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our McD's Picnic...

After returning from the doctor's office this morning where we learned that Hailey had a horrible eye infection and would need to be stuck at our house for the next several days while mommy proceeds to put nasty eye drops in every 4 hours, we stopped at McD's for a Happy Meal. I mean, what can I say? I feel bad for the kid and she needed a little happiness in her life!!

(don't ask me why in the world all of this text is underlined...stupid blogger!!)

Then we decided that eating lunch would be WAY more fun on a blanket in the that's what we did! We had ourselves a little picnic and it was wonderful!

My little munchkin may be stuck at home, but no one said anything about being stuck inside!! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yay for Sunshine!!

We LOVED being able to play outside the past TWO afternoons! The day is so much better when there is opportunity to blow off steam while running in the yard blowing bubbles, kicking the bouncy-ball, and "riding" Hailey's bike.

(Don't judge...yes, she's still in her pj's at 2 in the am I. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Through the eyes of Mary...

We watched "The Passion" last night with a group of our YL kids. I've watched this movie maybe 5 times before, but haven't watched it since becoming a mother. Let me just say, I've never before noticed Mary and the agony she must have felt watching her son die on that cross. I found myself clutching my belly and thinking of my two beautiful children. Would I love humanity enough to sit by and watch knowing my son's death would mean the redemption of many?

She knew it would happen. She knew he'd be alright in the end. She knew he'd rise again. She knew he'd be dying for a purpose. But did that bring any comfort as she watched him tortured to death?

I am so thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for ME that excruciating day. I'm so thankful for the Father being willing to send him to that kind of a brutal death. And in light of the love I have for my children, I'm so thankful that Mary was willing to be obedient to the Lord's will...even when it meant watching her son die on that cross.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Auntie Sheeshe!

I know it's tomorrow, but this I couldn't resist posting this video. :)

We sure love you, Sheeshe!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

More amazing projects...

As per usual, blogger put my pics backwards, so here's Hailey playing hide and seek in her closet. :)
And here is (drumroll, please) the cabinet that Todd refurbished! It belonged to my folks and was kind of a medium brown color. My dad was happy to rid his office (or "man-cave") of this bookcase adorned with hearts...but it's perfect for Hailey's room!! :)
Todd sanded and painted it white and then added a panel of purple painted beadboard to the back. He, of course, LOVED that I had this idea that made his job even more labor intensive, but graciously did it just to my specifications! Thanks, babe! It looks great. :)
Thanks Nana and Papa for passing along basically all of the furniture in Hailey's room! We appreciate it more than you know. :)

My newest obsession...

The perfectly toasted Thomas brand cinnamon raisin bagel. I would eat these for every meal if it wasn't completely socially unacceptable. :)

I haven't had many "cravings" this time around, but this little gem is a fave.

As I've said before...raisins in cookies = WRONG...raisins in a bagel = OH, SO RIGHT!! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Goin' Private...

Hey y'all...

So based on recent events, Todd has decided that it's time to set our blog to private. I'm submitting. :)

I want to give anyone that wants access to this blog the opportunity to email me and I'll add you to the list. Please contact me at if you'd like to be given access before next Wednesday, 4/8.

Another option would be to leave your email address in the comment section of this post. I view them all before they go online and will be sure not to post your private email address.

I truly would love to continue to share what's going on with our family with anyone who'd like to know... :)

ETA: I've received all of your comments expressing your interest in continuing to view our blog and have added everyone to my list...I haven't posted these comments with your personal info in them, but know I've received them. :)