Monday, October 25, 2010

Fire-Breathing Dragon

How on earth was I supposed to pick just one?? :)

"Week before Halloween" Party

A typical family dinner turned CRAZY when Nana suggested treats, games and costumes!

I think Caser thinks that banana in his pocket is really a gun in a holster...Here they are...the three amigos...Maggie would have joined them, but she was sleeping. So cute!

Kissing cousins... :)

I didn't know that Strawberry Shortcake was friends with a monkey?? Who knew?


All in all, such a fun evening...those kids make me CRAZY with their CUTENESS! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Can you tell we've been busy??

With fall in session I feel like it's been ages since the last time I blogged! Sadly, I've also been quite lacking in the picture-taking department. Here are a few random things we've had going on lately -

*Beauty and the Beast - we got this movie recently and let me just say, I can now recite the entire movie without even looking at the television screen. ;)

*Hailey's "stall-itis" at bedtime has been getting a little better, although she has also stepped up her game in the creativity department. Gone are the days of the simple request to "try and go potty one more time" or "get a drink of water". Now we're dealing with "I'm scared of Pirates" and "Mommy, I don't think I had my vitamin today". It's pretty funny, actually.

*Owen is getting so much more grown up these days! It's like every day he's doing something new! Most recently he has started sitting on the rug in our kitchen when he's hungry. It's so incredibly cute. He just sits there and waits for a snack. :)

*Todd just finished building his first house start to finish! This is quite exciting, especially since it was sold months ago just days after it was listed. This kind of thing does NOT happen these days, so we know that the Lord had His hand in it.

*I'm still involved in Young Life, a full-time mom, and doing the books for our business (which has been stepped up a notch since building our first spec home...and just trying to do a better job at it) - our CPA, Wendy will be proud! The Lord has really convicted me of taking our job for granted and laid it upon my heart to be a better helper to Todd in this area. Hence, the lack of blogging lately...

*We're also gearing up for a fun trip to South Carolina here in the near future to see the Frys and CAN'T WAIT! Hailey is literally chomping at the bit for some good time with her cousins Gabby and Mason.

Well, that's about it for now! I promise, I'll work on some pics soon (if I can get Owen to sit still long enough)!! :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

first meeting

So, by now everyone knows of the arrival of my sweet niece Maggie Rae...she's literally the cutest thing you've ever seen! Don't believe me? Check the Camps joke.

Anyways, I was privileged enough to be IN the delivery room for her arrival! Which, to be honest, I thought would be a little longer than 4 minutes, but Christy is a champ and she was out in 3 pushes...crazy. Sharing that moment with Chris and Christy as they met their daughter for the first time was the sweetest thing I've ever experienced. Thanks for that, you guys, it was unbelievable...and now I'm crying as I type. :)

Sadly, the day of her birth, both my children decided to come down with colds. Seriously?? You can't have a cold around a baby, so we waited, and waited, and waited for them to be well so that they could meet their new cousin. Hailey's wait was finally over last night and she got to meet Maggie. She's enamored!! Owen couldn't come since he's still got a runny nose, but to be honest, Owen's kind of a "Nana-hog" and will not be excited one bit for her to be holding Maggie... ;)

I didn't bring my camera (I know...I know), but Christy got some pics that I'm sure she'll share soon. Hailey couldn't wait to get her into her swing, so after my mom and I each took long turns holding her, we put Maggie in her swing for Hailey. Hails covered her in a blanket, gave her Sweet Pea (Hailey's build a bear) to hold (which was hysterical since Sweet Pea is 3 times the size of Maggie) and was talking sweet "baby talk" to her. In the end, Hailey declared that Maggie is her best friend.

So sweet.