Monday, June 23, 2008

and they say I'm the weird one...

I'm telling you...for YEARS, Christy and Alicia have tried convincing the world that I am the crazy sister and they're both normal...well, doesn't it suck that I now have proof to the contrary!!! :)Oops!! Christy just spilled Alicia's drink. This is her "oopsie" face. rediculous.
This is how Christy looks while chewing her bread. absolutely crazy.
This is Christy still crying about the spilled drink. I don't know about you, but my cry face looks nothing like this. insane.
This is Alicia just after forgiving Christy for spilling her drink. does anyone see a pattern here?? just absurd.
This is just before I got up from the table...just to afraid to stay. They wanted to attack me...can't you see it in their eyes? preposterous.

Okay,'s me...making a walrus face...

Okay, fine...we're ALL crazy!!! :)

My daughter has so much expression! (who knows where she got that from?!? :) I think I caught her in a mid-chew in this picture. I just can't resist those baby-blues, though... :)
This is what she does when you ask her what a piggy says. She can't make the "oink" noise, but she sure can make a piggy face! :)
This one is another silly face she makes. I just missed the strands of her neck being all stretched out. It's hilarious.
And this is what she says when you ask her what an elephant says. She spits and lifts up her arm! So cute...
Caser's best face is this one...his sweet smile! Even though this pic is a little blurry, it's too precious to pass it up. :) We miss you, Caser!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kauai Pics...

I have more than this, but I don't have the energy to post them all at once...still recovering from the red-eye flight home and 3 hour time change, you know. Here's a quick sampling of just a few...This is the beach at the hotel we stayed at the first night. We explored outside starting before 6 am...since Hailey woke up at 4!?! :)
I've decided that if Todd and I ever renew our wedding vows later in life (hint-hint, honey) I'd do it in hawaii just for the flowers! They're beautiful.
This is the place where everyone jumped off a cliff!! Except me and my mom, of course...we're too chicken...or decide! :)
Cute little family...loving life!!
Hailey and Case played SO well together during the trip! She loved to crouch down and give him kisses...she fed him puffs, put his paci in his mouth and gently patted his head! Priceless... :)

All in all, the most awesome trip we've ever taken! Can't wait to go back...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hailey and Mason...

I found a few more pictures from the Fry's trip out that I couldn't resist posting...for whatever reason, Hailey has become obsessed with her infant carseat that Mason was using and the bouncy chair. Silly girl... What a goofy face...
Here's one of those famous "Aaron smiles" that Mason has become famous for. :)

We miss you guys terribly...come again soon!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As you look through these pictures, hum the tune of "Memories" in your head... :)

Gabby and Mason,
I miss you like crazy already! Come back soon...I love you!
~Hailey Lynn

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Could these cousins be any cuter??? I think not... :)

They finally have reached the stage where they enjoy playing together and are really interactive. We love it! :)