Monday, August 22, 2011

Milton Festival

One of the things we are really going to love about living in a smaller town is stuff like this! A parade in the morning...that we walked to from the new house...

Here is heaven after finding the princesses! Owen wasn't sure he liked them. Then Todd made a comment about it being "too girly"...right in front of Peter Pan. Oops! :/The Boy Scouts had a rope to walk over for the kids. Case and Hailey did so awesome! Neither of them were scared one little bit. ;)

Here's Maggie talking to know, from Wonderland. She had a "british accent". I use the quotations because it wasn't very good. :/

This was Case right as he walked up to us. He's so, I mean cool in these sunglasses! Love that kid.

All in all it was a fun day had by all. Except the people that got dragged on stage against their will to learn to hula dance. Let's just say we practically dove under the table and slinked away when that all started! ;)

In the words of little orphan Annie, "I think I'm gonna like it heeeeeeeeere!!"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Granny. :)

What a busy time we're in, but we still take the time to have lots of fun. :)

Case, Maggie, & Christy came over today for a playdate. Hailey was in the throws of playing "wedding" when they got here...complete with a fresh flower bouquet that Nana made her from roses and hydrangeas from our yard. It was actually a really cool looking arrangement. ;)
Here's Hailey..."pinning" away on Pinterest. She is as excited about putting things on her online pin board as I am. ;)Here she is in one of her new school outfits. She's worn this top non-stop since we brought it home. So cute.

Hails now teeters between the sweetest 4 1/2 year old you've ever met and the sassiest 14 year old on the planet. I always say that 90% of the time she's the easiest kid ever and then the other 10% she's a Did you honestly expect anything different from our kid?? ;)

And here is Owen in his Superman PJ's. Every little boy needs pajamas with a cape!

This kid just kills us with his cuteness. His verbal skills have kicked up another notch lately and he's speaking in mostly complete sentences! This baffles me, since at 15 months we were entertaining the thought that he might need some speech therapy! Nope. Just took his own time. My favorite things he says are...

"Sho-sher" (That means "hold me".)

"Einstein!" (He has a new obsession with "Little Einsteins" on the Disney Channel)

"Love you Mommy" (He recently switched it up from Mama to Mommy. Melts my heart every time)

And here he is...snuggling my Norwex dish towel. Seriously. He was rubbing his face on it the other morning the whole time I was making his breakfast. ;)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

a family that plays together...

We had the amazing opportunity to join Todd's former youth pastor at their annual Wakeboard Camp trip again this year. We did program (silly walk on/skits) and found roles for almost our whole family. ;) Here I am...dressed as "Bebe". And here is my trusty assistant..."Baby Bebe". ;)And this is Todd. Dressed as the "Leader 3000". He's a robot...just in case you weren't sure.

His costume consisted of a silver painted cardboard box, an old cordless phone, silver ducting and potholders for his arms and hands, silver spray painted snow boots, a pair of women's grey tights (that he was not told about until moments before his debut) and a grey pair of boys' medium cotton shorts. It was awesome.