Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The "stall-itis" has reached epic proportions.

As per usual, bedtime came for Hails and she didn't want to go. She started with the "I don't feel good...I need to sit on the couch" routine. I called her bluff. I told her that if she didn't feel good that she needed to go to bed. She flopped down on my bed, sighed, and said, "Mommy, my tummy hurts...I think I'm gonna spit up...".

Really, Hailey? You're going to fake nausea at 2 1/2!?!'re good.

Again, I called the bluff. "Really, Hails??" I replied, "If you're going to spit up, do it in the toilet."

She then gets up, slumps over, slowly walks into the bathroom and stares into the toilet. After about a minute, I ask her, "Can I get you anything?". "Water, please" she says. I obliged and got her some water. She takes a drink, sighs, and lays down on the bathroom floor!?!

"Mommy, my tummy hurts...I think I need something to eat." long's this farce going to last, Hailey??

I played along and said, "Oh, you need something to eat? Would you like crackers or ice cream?" Her eyes lit right up, she gasps, and says...

"Ice cream!!!"

Cute, go to bed! ;)

Monday, September 28, 2009

4 Months Old!?!

This boy is getting so big!!As I said before, his pediatrician is out of town, so his 4 month appointment won't be for another month. That said, I'm pretty sure he weighs 15 lbs and is at least 26 inches long! This would put him in the 25-50th percentile for weight and the 75-90th percentile for height...big boy.

Clothing Sizes: mostly 6 months, but in one-piece outfits he wears 6-12 months

Favorite Toy: a baby einstein radio from his cousin Case that makes noise and lights up

Sleeps: 3-4 naps a day and 12 hours at night with 3-4 "paci-trips" for me in the morning before waking all the way up. :)

Eats: every 3-4 hours about 5 times a day

Favorite things to do: Chewing on his hands and laughing at his sister

Skills: "scoots" across a blanket when on his tummy, stands up (with help, of course) with his chest puffed out and grunts like he wants you to know he's manly, and rolls from front to back (only when he wants to).

He's certainly WAY more mellow than Hailey ever was, but has definitely woken up from that whole "newborn sleep" phase and tells you when he's unhappy. He does NOT like being left out, his car seat, or being without his paci in his bed!!

He loves smiling at people, standing up, and watching football with his dad. It's so cute. :)


Friday, September 25, 2009

These Two...

These two are too cute...and they love one another SOOOO much! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Happenings at Our House...

Here's Owen with his shirt on his head. I know I say this all the time, but he's getting SOOO big! I swear, he must weigh 15 lbs and I think he's at least 26 inches long by now. Our ped has taken a much deserved European vacation, so our 4-month appointment will be pushed back to 5-months.Here is Owen in his cute big-boy overalls (these are 9-month sized!!) and Hails in her "Hi, Hollywood" sunglasses. :)
Hailey thinks that this is a crown on her head...I think it makes her look like, um...Princess Fiona. :)

And this is the Diet Coke Robot that Auntie Sheeshe made...only Sheeshe would think to make something like this. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Perfect Parent...

At church yesterday I watched an exchange between a father and a daughter that brought me to tears...and I don't think I was alone in that.

We go to a relatively small church, and every week people rotate through and help with the worship and other things. This little girl (probably 4 years old?) always sits in the back of the service with her dad. On Sunday he was playing the bass guitar for the service, so he left her with another family while he went up front. She was fine at first, but all of the sudden she caught a glimpse of her daddy and realized he wasn't sitting with her. Poor little thing just started bawling! The dad's friend who was looking after her scooped her up and inched forward toward the stage, assuming that if she could see that he wasn't all that far away she would stop crying. It didn't help.

She needed her daddy.

Her dad saw her standing next to the stage, crying and reaching for him and without even another thought he stopped playing the guitar, let her sit on top of the speaker, and crouched down so she could wrap her arms around his neck while he tried continuing to play in the band.

She was clearly his first priority.

I'm tearing up even now just thinking about how our Heavenly Father is just like that! He loves us first. He loves us most. He gave up EVERYTHING to meet our need.

After the end of that song, she was calmed down enough that the Children's Director was able to scoop her up and take her back to her seat.

She just needed to know that her dad was there for her, and once she did, her heart calmed down and she was just fine through the rest of the service.

Thank you, Jesus, for laying down everything just to demonstrate your love for us.

Thank you for loving us first.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Parenting is tough...

I'd have to say without a doubt that being a mother has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I've ever done...and FOR SURE the most difficult. I wonder how in the world people do it without the Lord's help because I feel sometimes like I can barely keep my head above water.

The hardest part most recently is discipline...where is the perfect balance of grace and consistency? How do you know what battles to pick and which ones to let go until another day? How do you figure out when your 2 1/2-year old is being manipulative and when she's being honest? And how on earth do you keep her from un-tying and taking off her shoes every time you're in the car?!?

I guess I'll continue to pray my way through the rest of my kids' lives...that seems to be the only thing that works. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What's your vote??

EVERY person who looks at Owen immediately comments on how much he looks like Todd...and not Todd as a baby, but Todd now! I love it... :)

Another Comparison...

Here is Hailey at just over 3 months old.. And here is Owen at just over 3 months old...

They have the same "deer in the headlights" look in their eyes, but other than that I think she looks like me and he looks like a mini-Todd! :)

Make Meeeee a Ser-VAAANT...

The acoustics in the bathtub are amazing...check this out. :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rollin' With the Homies...

My little baby is getting big way too fast...

P.S. The title of this post is just for you, Shawna... ;)

Such a big boy...

Look who tried out his excersaucer today and liked it?? :)

He's so cute... :)

How am I supposed to say "no" to this?!?

Coincidentally, after the visit from the "paci fairy" Hailey developed a very serious case of "stall-itis". This is a condition that causes one to come up with any excuse possible NOT to go to bed. She's used "I've gotta go potty again", "I need a drink of water", "I need to kiss Daddy again", but my personal favorite is "MOMMY, CAN I READ MY BIBLE IN MY BED?" How on earth am I supposed to say no to that?!?