Friday, February 26, 2010


I realize that I've posted 5 of nearly the same picture, but could you pick just one?!? :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello, my name is Jessica and I'm a "Diet Coke-aholic". It's been 6 days since my last drink.

In all seriousness, I have a problem.

When there is icy cold Diet Coke in my fridge, I rarely choose water when I'm thirsty. It's sad and totally unhealthy. I've tried limiting myself to 1 a day, drinking a bottle of water before every can, etc. but I always go back to drinking mostly pop.

I recently stopped buying it, but allowing myself to have some when out and about. Ah, the headaches. However, almost a week ago I said "NO MORE!!". I need to get healthy, and one big step is getting rid of my vice. I have many other changes to make, but I'm taking them one at a time.

Goodbye, Diet Coke...hopefully for good, because I don't ever want to go through the days of caffeine/artificial sweetener headaches again.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tea party

Here are my kids having a tea party...well, Hailey was having a tea party with her babies and Owen crashed, but you get the idea. Here he is trying to swipe a pretend cupcake that belongs to "Trace Girl".

("Trace Girl" is the newest member of Hailey's family of dolls...her given Cabbage Patch name was April Tracy, but somehow it morphed...she got her as a gift from Christy, Chris and Caser...she loves her, but has not forgotten about Pinkie or Sadie... :)

Here are the girls...having a lovely time, I'm sure.
The past 2 nights all 3 of these dolls have been stuffed into the baby crib together...each individually swaddled, of course. So cute. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

this is what happens...

...when you let your kid have WAY too much sugar at her birthday party...I think even Case was overwhelmed by her! :)

My favorite part of the video? When she "turns up" the teeny boom-box on the floor. Priceless.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hailey's Birthday Party

We celebrated with a little party this afternoon and it was wonderful! Thanks to my sis for taking beautiful pictures, as always. :)

I had the best time decorating for this party. I would NEVER have made it look this cute by myself, though. Thanks Shannon!
I may not have made the paper products, but I did bake and frost the cupcakes myself. They were to die for.

I also dipped marshmallows, sugar cookies, and pretzel rods in pink chocolate. They were such fun to make and really yummy.
Here's the tower of hot pink cupcakes...we did regular and mini size.

The hot pink roses my husband got me for Valentine's Day coordinated perfectly with the decor! Thanks, Todd! :)

All in all a wonderful afternoon!

Hailey Bug, you are loved!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Here is Hailey's newly updated room. When it was time to move her downstairs in order to make room for Owen, we did so before her window had been installed. We kept meaning to do it, but the project was pretty labor intensive because of the cutting of concrete that had to take place. Well, the window is in, her trim is finished, and we've re-arranged. It finally feels done in there. :)

Nice work, Todd. And thanks for even taking the time to hang stuff on the walls, even though it's your least favorite thing. :)

more birthday celebration...

"Another celebratory dinner for Hailey??", you ask? Nope! This one is

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Like my table scape? (Sandra Lee always calls it a table scape.)
Here is my very creative centerpiece made of candy. Anything made of candy is a good idea, in my opinion...
Here's the table, all set for our lasagne dinner. (home made, of course)
And for dessert?? Rocky Road and brownie ice cream cake. Delish! It was a fun night had by all celebrating Grandma Patty's birthday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

purple ballerina

Here's our purple ballerina. She's beautiful, isn't she?? :)
Here she is "princessing" her Auntie Sheeshe. Let me explain...if she touches you with her wand and says "I princess you", then you've been "princessed". If you are a boy, you will be "princed" instead.Here she is "princessing" again.
I chose to use this picture because she has the classic "little girl undies peeking out the side" of her leotard. :)
This is one happy girl. :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is my 3rd post tonight, and although it's fitting I'm just too lazy to add commentary to this one. ;)

Happy Birthday, Hailey Bug!

You are loved!

Birthday Picnic

We packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park by our house for the afternooon...Daddy brought a treat! :)

Owen got his first hair cut for this special day! It looks so cute...


Here's the amazing birthday banner that I got from Polka Dot Barn Designs. Shannon is so talented! A HUGE thank you to my mom for buying me one of her packages at a Young Life auction! :)
Here's the dining room all decorated and ready for the morning. We'll be leaving it like this all week... :)
My little breakfast helper. She needed her own bowl with her own batter to stir with her own whisk. :)
Pancakes...Hailey's fave!This guy was WAY excited about the birthday pancakes...he absolutely loved them. :)