Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Lord Giveth...

...and the Lord taketh away.

Nearly 6 months to the day after moving into our new house we're putting it on the market.

Things in our business have been very challenging (to say the least) since moving in here and we can no longer afford to stay in this house. There is definitely some sadness in leaving this home that we poured so much of ourselves into. What a blessing this home has been as we've already hosted many family dinners, birthday parties, and playdates here...but at the end of the day it's just a house. Our family will be in tact wherever we live. That's what matters.

When we finally reached this conclusion (after much prayer and tears) I found myself with a twinge of sadness and a huge sense of peace and relief. God is going to care for us. No matter what.

What's next for us? Well, to be honest your guess is as good as ours. We have many different options. We could buy something cheap and renovate, we could rent somewhere for a while and look for a less expensive lot and build smaller, or maybe even cozying up with our folks at one of their houses?? Wherever we end up, we'll be just fine.

When in the midst of deciding what to do, I was very worried about what moving again would do to our kids. I mean, they anticipated and helped in the building process too and have loved it here. I asked Hailey, "So, are you going to be sad if we end up having to move out of this house?"

Her reply was, "Nope. Can I bring my chandelier??" Sure Hails...or maybe we'll even spring for another one. It was $40 at Ikea afterall. ;)

Then came discussion of whether or not she could handle sharing a room with her brother...

"Sure! It'll be like camping!"

Love that girl.

The best thing that's come out of all of this? I've never clung on to my Jesus so hard for every drop of energy, hope, and peace.

I'll be honest...the thought of moving again (maybe even twice) for the 3rd time in just over a year is exhausting to me. I'm literally tired just thinking about it, but I know that when my energy runs out His takes over and that's just a good place to be...