Thursday, January 31, 2008


Tonight we had a Young Life leader meeting at our an effort to keep club on the "up and up", we checked out the list of banned games...let me give you the play-by-play...

Sean: Hmmm...the human flame-thrower...chubby-bunny...swallowing a tablespoon of cinnamon???

Todd: That sounds easy...I could do that...

Jeremy: No you couldn't!! Do you know how hard that is?

Todd: I'll do it right now!!

Jeremy: Good! Try it right now...

(Todd & Jeremy jump out of their seats and proceed to the kitchen where Todd tears through the cupboards searching for the cinnamon. He found it...)

Jeremy: How 'bout let's just try a teaspoon first.

Todd: Okay. (Todd then puts a teaspoon of cinnamon in his mouth. He tries to swallow it, but it cakes up in his mouth and he spits it out.)

Jeremy: OHHHHH!!! (Uses that guy laugh where they put their fist up over their mouth)

Todd: That wasn't that bad...we can't do that at Young Life?? What else could we use?

Jessica: I have cocoa powder...does it say you can't use cocoa powder?

Todd: No, let's try that!

Jeremy: Yeah, Todd...swallow a tablespoon of cocoa powder!

Todd: No problem.

(Todd puts a level tablespoon of cocoa powder in his doesn't go well...he chokes and gags and spits it out. This goes on for at least a minute. I have it on video.)

He can finally speak and his first words are, "Could we do this at Young Life???"

I'd love to report that the rediculousness ended with this, but it didn't. Sean tried it too. I also have this on video. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot Rod

If you haven't seen this movie, you's retarded, but I laughed so hard tonight when I watched it for the second time...this has inspired a Young Life walk-on like you would not believe...I'll be going to the fabric store looking for yellow cape-fabric and iron-on letters ASAP!! :)
If anyone has a line on a blue jumpsuit, let me know!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday, Todd!!

Happy Birthday, Todd! We've had quite the last week of birthday celebration! Last Sunday I made dinner and we celebrated with our immediate families (that live here) and it was a blast! I did offer to make a cake, but as usual Todd insisted on brownies...his all-time favorite dessert! I realized that I've run out of birthday candles, so a birthday tealight candle had to do! :) Love the face, Todd!!
Tonight the three of us took the annual trip to the Seattle Boat Show. It was Hailey's first time, of course, and she loved it! They even had a little tiny boat she could sit in that you put a quarter in and it moved all around! I was SOOO bummed I forgot the camera for that! She was all smiles... :)
Tomorrow (his real birthday) we're headed to Ocean Shores for Young Life's mid-winter leadership weekend. It'll be the biggest birthday bash he's ever had!! Hee-hee... :)
Happy birthday, Toddler...We love you to pieces...
~Your Girls, Jess & Hailey

Such a Fun Day...

I recently re-connected with one of my friends from jr. high and high school, Kendal. Now, I'm not telling you how long ago that was, but let's just say I have a certain double-digit reunion coming up this summer... :) It's been so fun getting to know her son Asa! He's 7 months and SOOO stinkin' cute...yesterday I got to watch him for the afternoon, and let me tell you...we had so much fun!

Let me also point out that while caring for TWO children, I folded 3 loads of laundry, did the dishes, made dinner, and managed to keep both of them alive and well...maybe I am ready to start thinking about another one soon?!?

Nah!! Maybe someday, but not today... :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This girl is officially walking, I'd say...she's been taking steps here and there since Christmas Eve, but tonight she was ON A ROLL! She's finally got the confidence to let go and walk on her own and Todd and I are so proud! Both sets of grandparents, Uncle Chris, Auntie Christy, Case, and Auntie Sheeshe were here to experience this with us.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

playdate with rylan...

Rylan Vollmer came over today to hang out with Hailey...we had so much fun!He really liked this lights up. :)
Hailey wondered who was making all the noise...
She wanted to help show him the ropes... :)
All in all they had a really fun time together...
Until, of course, it was time for Hailey's nap! :)

hailey and maddie...

Hailey loved seeing her friend Maddie twice this week! Saturday morning she and I had coffee with Stephanie, Jen, and Maddie at Marista's. Then Jen and Maddie came over for a playdate on Tuesday afternoon! The girls are only 2 months apart, so they play SO well together.

We'll definitely have to do that again! :)

what hailey's been up to...

Here's Hailey digging through the baskets of clean laundry and throwing it all over the floor... Here's the mess she made...
She woke up from her nap after aparently sleeping ON HER least that's what her hair looked like... :)
She has decided that there's no one ON EARTH she would rather be with than her daddy...which works out well for her when he's eating a blueberry muffin! She even sounded like a puppy whining and begging for a bite! :)
And since her dad is a total softie, he gave in and shared.
Such a goof! Stay tuned for more stories of Hailey's shenanigans!

Friday, January 11, 2008

sister's night out...

Let me tell you...I'm debating even telling you about this wild evening I had with my two sisters because it was SOOO CRAZY!!! It was filled with Red Robin Mile High Mudpie, one killer Mocha Smoothie, and an INSANE trip through Target...need I say more??? :)
(The purple is just for you, Sheeshe!!)

February 5, 2008

Karen Kingsbury's latest book is coming!!! :) It's gonna be one HAPPY birthday for Christy this year...
(please don't judge me :)


no more sickies!! Now mommy needs a nap!!! :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Whew...what a last 36 hours it's been...let's start with yesterday afternoon, shall we?? We're all ready to go do some shopping at Southcenter...we pick up Christy & Case...then Nana...we're on the road, and it happens...Hailey pukes...EVERYWHERE...all over herself, her carseat, my car, and my mom...I pull over on the freeway, Christy gets Case out of the car (to avoid contamination) and I climb in the back to assist in the clean up...of the puke. Thankfully I had a full wipe refill pack, three plastic bags, an extra set of clothes and an extra blanket! (It pays to be prepared!!) After sitting on the side of the freeway for at least 20+ minutes, we're safely back in our seatbelts and carseats and on our way...home, of course.

The rest of yesterday was spent with a crabby baby with "the runs". Thankfully our new carseat (you know, the one we got on MONDAY) comes all the way apart so you can scrub it all up. No more pukey smell...even her little stuffed dog came through okay! You'd never know anything even happened to him. :)

Now, fast-forward to today...we put Hailey down for her nap and all seems well. We've had no more pukes since yesterday. She wakes up about half an hour into her nap and cries, but after giving her a few minutes, she falls back asleep. Now would be a good time for mommy to take a nap...she is exhausted, you know...something tells me to peek in on her...don't I wish I would have ignored my mother's intuition...

I open the door and the smell wofts out like nothing I've ever experienced. Hailey is fast asleep on her tummy...and there's poo EVERYWHERE!! Up the back, out the sides, on all of her blankets and her crib bumper. Poor kid...I scoop her up, all the while trying desperately not to get any on me and yell for Todd (who THANK THE LORD is home). He runs the bath while I strip her of her ookie clothes and get her bedding into a laundry basket. After scrubbing her down, I begin pre-cleaning the items. Yuck.

I know this is only the beginning...these are the days I'm so thankful I don't have two children who get sick in pairs!! :)

If she wasn't so cute, I'd sell her to the circus!! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Such a girl!!

Our dear sweet Hailey has just started this "cute" new thing...look at this picture of her and then imagine an ear-piercing scream!! She's discovered her voice and it's really getting old. We've tried saying "no", covering her mouth, and covering our ears and nothing seems to get the message through!! :) I guess it's gonna be a while before we eat in a restaurant again...

Such a stinker!! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

like my cute leggings??

My uncle Chris and auntie Christy gave them to me!! Thank you for your continued support of my fashion habit. :)