Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yep...that is my kid.

Owen gets more wild and crazy by the minute. He's...mischievous, let's say...he locks doors when he's not supposed to, has poured his cup of milk into my bowl of soup while I wasn't looking, and has overflowed our master toilet (to the point of the water traveling down the exterior wall of the house).

BUT, at bedtime, he holds me so tight, kisses my face all over, and whispers sweet things like, "wuv you mommy" and "you sweep in my bed?". Sweetest.thing.ever. Makes the exasperation of my day just melt away.

Some of my favorite Owen-isms are "push the bunt" (push the button), "zhup" (yup), "I really guck" (I'm really stuck), "faffle" (waffle), and my newest favorite is that he thinks Case lives in "fun lolly" (Sun Valley). :)

(and no, I didn't put him in the laundry basket... ;)


We've had an Ikea Expedit bookcase in the playroom for a while, but it never looked very appealing because the books were always disheveled and you couldn't see all your options. We came up with this brilliant idea so the books would be facing out and look more inviting! :)

We just used some picture ledges from Ikea and Todd had the last minute idea to stagger them on the wall. I LOVE it! We have some really cool books to show off thanks to lots of generous grandparents, aunts, uncles...that sort of thing, but the majority of the collection comes courtesy of Todd's auntie Beth! Over the years she gave Todd more cool books than I can count, which of course got passed on to the kids.

Here's to hoping the playroom book wall stays like this! ;)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little projects

I bought this table for $10 at a garage sale over the summer, intending to paint it a funky green or maybe a mustard yellow. I finally got it out of the garage and put it in the spot that I wanted it and started looking at color swatches.

Then it hit me...leave it alone, Jessica! It looks so rustic and is the perfect table right by the door to the garage for dumping our keys and such on.

Yay for $10 garage sale finds!! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

My baby girl is 5!! :)

She woke up feeling sick, but after a little medicine and some rest this morning she's acting more like herself... :)

How did this happen?? She's getting so big so fast! :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today we had a little party to celebrate Hailey's upcoming 5th birthday. It was so fun!! We limbo'd, played balloon volleyball, scavenger hunted, ate cake, and had the best time! It was the most simple, but most fun birthday party yet!

We love you Hails!! :)