Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Onward Christian Soldier...

This was the theme of the shower. I was so excited to do "boy" themes, and I thought camo was very appropriate! Look at how the table turned out. THANK YOU to Steph, Megan, Kara, Peggy and my mom for helping with the food, games, and decorations. And don't worry Greg...your G.I. Joes are safe and sound! :)
Check this cupcake tower out! I met Anna (cupcake baker) through Peggy who used to work at a bakery, but now bakes at her house. Turns out we had our daughters on the same day at the same hospital!! :)
Look at all the loot that baby Camp scored!! If you've checked Christy's blog lately, you'll know that she managed to get EVERYTHING she needed through the generosity of the people in her life. Now all we need is a BABY!! (Could you get on that, Christy?? Geeze... :)
Well, I hope to have a "He's Here" post for all of you soon...I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I have a new nephew!! :)


Lisa said...

The food looks so good, wish we could have made it out!

Chris/ty said...

The shower was BEAUTIFUL. You spoil me! THANK YOU, thank you.