Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Tea

My sweet Hailey invites me to a tea at her school this week. It was such a fun morning! The kids sang to us, the teachers read letters written to us by our kids, and served us treats and punch. Hailey was so excited that she came bursting into my room at 6:30 in the morning wearing her Easter dress! And she made, er, um...asked me to wear a dress too. ;)

All in all, such a special morning. The highlight was when the kids got up to sing I'm a Little Teapot and her teacher informed all of us that they'd also be singing the second verse that Hailry taught the class!! She remembered it from her old preschool... ;)

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anne said...

What a sweet picture! You two look so cute together. Your daughter made a good call - the dress looks great on you. :)