Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Busy Busy Busy...

I have just been so busy in the past few weeks that I have neglected my blog! (Not the first time...or the last, I suppose...) Last week I spent my time preparing myself for the baby shower we had here for my sister Christy. It was so much fun! Now I'm getting ready to throw her another one in a few weeks...the last one was dinosaur themed...I think this time I'll use camoflage! I really am enjoying thinking about a boy baby! :) **DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, PEOPLE...THERE WILL BE NO BABIES FOR TODD AND JESSICA ANY TIME SOON!!**

This week I'm spending my time preparing for the YL Golf Tournament. We have a presentation to do (that I just found out about) and also will have a table full of pics of houses Todd has done. I'll have to post some of these pictures...Todd does really good work! Please pray for the tournament tomorrow...we really need it to be successful!

Lastly, I've been taking care of my big girl Hailey. I say this because she's getting SO BIG!! She's got this silly personality, growls all the time, and is just developing before our very eyes. AND she's become a total daddy's girl! Every time Todd walks into the room, he gets the biggest smiles and giggles...then when he walks out of the room, she cries like the sky is falling! It's so sweet...

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!! :)

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