Monday, November 30, 2009

sorry, people...

I've made two attempts to post a video to my blog, and after over an hour of waiting each time, I gave is a picture of my new bookshelves...Christmified!! :)

At any rate, here is a bullet list of the things we've been up to lately:

*Hailey, as usual, is her strong-willed, smart as a whip, happy, intense, determined, and sweet self. Her new favorite one-liners are "Are you kidding me?", "Mama, when I'm 3, can I (fill in the blank)??", and thanks to Auntie Sheeshe "Do you got junk in the trunk??". Love it...

*Owen is changing so fast! He just turned 6 months and has his appointment today, so I'll post more stats later. This kid is by far the most chill child ever...until he's teething. Other than that, though, he laughs a ton, loves eating his toes, and smiles pretty constantly. :)

*Yesterday we brought home a CD from church with the song Hailey's class will be singing in her very first Christmas performance in a couple of weeks. I can't WAIT! She really does love to sing and one of her very favorite things to do is sit at her Grandma's piano while they play and sing together. So stinkin' cute!! (Grandma Patty can let us know when she thinks Hailey is ready for actual lessons... :)

*Our house is all decorated for Christmas and I LOVE it! Thanks, Mom!!

*Our east-coast family is in town right now and Hailey is loving every second of it! Every day she wants to visit her "cousin AND friend", Gabby. Those girls are so sweet together.

*Todd has been pretty busy with work lately, which is nice. This is typically our really slow season, but God continues to provide for what we need...we are so thankful for the things He's been teaching us lately about trust, His love for us, and waiting on Him.

*Young Life has been in full swing for the past several months and God is, again, so faithful! We've had between 35 and 60 high school friends join us every Monday night for club this fall. Please pray, if you think of it, for God to bring us more adult leaders. We'll be down to Todd, Steve and myself after Christmas...3 leaders do NOT make for a very effective gathering. :)

Well, that's all I can think of for now.

Happy Monday!! :)

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