Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Camp

So, after making my list and checking it twice, we got ourselves on the road for Washington Family Ranch with all of what we needed...including the camera! Went to take a few pics on the way down and discovered that the memory card was stuck in the home. :(

Thankfully, Christy (who is a much better photog than I've ever been anyways) brought her camera and took tons of cute pictures. I'll be excited to see them soon! :)

We had the BEST time at camp. My only wish is that it was longer so you weren't in the car for 13 hours in a 3-day period.

The highlights, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya...

*The pool! Both kids LOVED it.
*Sid and Gus...the program guys. Hailey realized on "dress up like a superhero" night that she had the same shoes as Sid (converse) and a cape just like him (a tie-died bandana around her neck).
*Just being at The Canyon. It's beautiful.
*Hailey jumped off the diving board! 4 times! :)
*Owen's new pool floaty. He loved it. I have a feeling this summer will be awfully fun in the pool!
*Lots of family time.
*No cooking for 3 whole days!! Thanks Sheesh! :)
*The carnival! More specifically the cotton candy and popcorn. My kids were in heaven.
*SHEESHE...are you noting a theme here?? ;)

We absolutely loved our time there...we hope to make it a family tradition.

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Stacy K said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds like it was a wonderful time for a wonderful family.