Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree...

Here's the tree...all decked out. You can't quite see all the fun ornaments, but I'm loving the new color scheme for this year's tree! It's turquoise, apple green, silver and white...with TONS of glitter. Conveniently matching my living room decor. ;)

All we need is a tree skirt and we'll be set! Hmmm...maybe I'll get some fabric and make something??

Craftiness to come... :)

ETA: My tree did not come to look like this by itself...nor by my own craftiness. Thanks, Christy!! ;)


Our growing family said...

love the colors too!!! i used them on our christmas card a few years ago and it was so fun and beautiful!!!
i love that even though you are in the middle of an adventure with moving, are still making the holidays special!
love the rental kitchen too!!!

Dixon Fam said...

Looks great! Your sister is so talented at all things crafty, I wish!