Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life These Days

So, I haven't had tons of time for blogging as of late (as you can plainly tell), but I am currently on hold with our appliance delivery company and have been told I would probably be experiencing a "longer than normal hold time".  Perfect time for a quick update, I'd say...

Our Christmas was awesome.  Here are a few pics that I have to share.  Honestly, we've been more engaged in our time with people than remembering to take pictures of it, so these are the best I have... ;)

Here is Hailey wearing her new Christmas outfit.  She loves it. 
 Here is Owen stowed away in his new pop up tent castle from his Nana.  He plays his leap pad in there often.
 When the Camps came home for their Christmas visit in mid-December we got to have Case over for a cousin sleep over.  The kids had a BLAST! 
 It's so fun to watch the age gap melt away between Case and Owen.  They played so well together and miss each other terribly! 
And here is the girl with her Betsey Johnson clutch.  I mean, what 6-year old has a nicer clutch than her own mother?!?  Thanks to the "Aunties" for that one! :)
This is Owen's face after he spent 2 days being an only child...Hailey had a weekend at Nana & Papa's by her request WITHOUT her brother.  He had a great time, too and as you can see his love tank was FULL! :)
(Sorry about the huge picture.  Blogger is being finicky) :/
And here is a pic of Owen at his first Taekwondo class!  He had so much fun.  He's been asking and asking to take "Karate class" and was on cloud 9 when he finally got to go. Isn't he cute in his uniform??
That's the best I have for now...happy Tuesday!

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