Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I was thinking I would get in on all this election hullabalu (hull-a-ba-looo).

I have a quick question/comment - I was wondering what blogger land/Jess's blogger buddies thought. Is all this talk of who we should vote for not wasted enegry when we live in Washington and last time I checked, all that counts are electoral votes in an election. I really have a hard time seeing why we should even vote when we know that our state is totally left wing and the Republican party has never even been close to getting WA or OR votes.

By the way, this does not mean that I'm not going to vote.

Also something else - I was thinking why are there even Democrats and Republicans? Why can't the people running just be Americans and that's it? No associations - then we as voters can vote soley based on who the person is and what they stand for, what their goals are, etc... I don't know, but I think sometimes people don't pay enough attention to those to things, and are so locked in to their party and having the label of Democrat or Rebulican.

I say get rid of it.

Your thoughts???

P.S. The reason that this is only the second post by Todd in over a year is that this took over a half an hour for me to write...I'd rather be on Wakeworld...


Our growing family said...

I am not a debater, so the whole political thing isn't my favorite, but I totally agree with you on this.
I am a Christian.
Is that a good answer for which political party I am in?! =)

Jen Green said...

Do you remember when Dino Rossi won the Governor race in WA after counting all the votes twice, but on the third time (as if two wasn't enough) "Chris" Gregoire happened to find a bunch more votes and won? That is why we need to vote even if our state is run with blue voters. I know you said you were going to vote but we've got to encourage everyone to vote even if they think their vote won't matter, it does.

Bridget Beth said...

I agree. The two party system is getting OLD! I would love a variety of people to choose from every election.

Here's one of my picks for President that I think you'll like!!....

Adcox said...


It is about time you said something smart. I have been saying that my vote doesn't count for years...well at least for president. My vote has never helped the president win, yet I voted for W twice..Nuts. The system is wack. peace out


pooler said...

Hey adcox-

fyi haven't drank pop in over a month, do know why -just have, lost some weight. I think I'm going to keep at it. Thanks for being my inspriation. I miss you and the Q

- Pooler

Aaron said...

Dude, I'm impressed.
I hope you layed down after making that post though 'cause there was probably a HUGE empty space in your brain after unloading that, and if you're feeling light headed the best thing to do is lay down for a bit. I always knew you were a master debater. It's nice to know there's more to you than just good looks and a cute bum.