Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How backwards is this???

Tonight I made bow-tie pasta with chicken and broccoli in a garlic sauce. Yummy, by the way...the dinner slump is officially over for now!

However, when Hailey saw the pasta she wouldn't eat it because she thought it was a butterfly.

We then proceeded to tell her, as usual, three bites and then she could be done. Todd had to hide her chicken and pasta in her broccoli!!

This kid is weird, but what else do you expect from the daughter of Todd Yost...the man who will only eat Lucerne brand cream cheese... :)


shawna said...

oh, she's so darn cute. glad to hear the dinner slump is over!

Kara said...

Can Todd really taste the difference between cream cheese brands? What a refined palette.

Christina said...

That's so cute! You made that baby eat a butterfly! :o)

Anonymous said...

That is so funny because when Todd was little, he use to call broccoli "trees". So it would make sense that you had butterflies in your trees. I just don't know how the chicken got up there! Made me smile :)
Love ya, Mom Yost