Saturday, April 3, 2010

Buckle up, folks...he's mobile!?!

Well, here he is...our boy Owen.Ain't he cute?? ;)
He's movin', and movin' fast...
We discovered that part of his fussiness lately is that he was frustrated about not being able to chase his sister. That has changed. And I think I have some pretty major baby-proofing to still do since he seems interested in everything that Hailey never even was interested light sockets, cords, and the fireplace at my parent's house. Whew...this guy is gonna give us a run for our money, I tell ya...but look at those baby blues!?! Could you just die??


Oh, and we were also visited by the police recently. Some sort of complaint about our rowdy kids or something... ;) Just's just Papa coming for a visit while working a shift in Federal Way.
Hails loved the does Papa. ;)
...and by God's grace this is the only seat in a police car Hailey will ever sit in... ;)


Christina said...

Go Owen, Go! I think the cord/elictrical socket fascination might be a boy thing, Luke can't get enough either - wait until he's trying to wrap the cords around himself, but only manages to get it around his neck! ;)

If Hailey for some reason 'needs' another patrol car to sit it, bring her back over, we'll stick her in Ben's!

levilandenandgabysmom said...

Boys are definitely different than girls! They like all the fun man stuff :)

He's so so cute, I love his beautiful blue eyes. You and Todd make some beauties.

Oh and I'm totally jealous of Hailey getting to sit in such a tricked out Charger. My dream car. That is, if I didn't have 100 kids.

Alicia said...

Oh goodness. Your kids are pretty darn adorable. :)