Friday, July 2, 2010


So, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for camp with 3 of my Young Life girls. As excited as I am to go and watch as the Lord reveals Himself to these girls, I'm really struggling with the thought of being away from my kids for the week! I think that the "stitch" episode made it worse.

Yesterday we went to Build-a-Bear so Hailey could make Owen and herself bears with my voice in them. She had the best time! Her bear is pink (of course), wearing a Princess Aurora dress (that matches hers), and is named Sweet Pea. She also helped make this monkey for Owen...he's wearing a Hawks uniform (of course) and we named him Largent. Can you guess why?? ;)
Obedience requires sacrifice, and I am honored that the Lord would invite me into His amazing plan with these high school girls...even if it requires me to relinquish my role as a mom for the week and learn to trust Him in a deeper way.

I wonder if my YL girls will think it's weird when I tuck them in at night, cut their food for them, and ask every 30 minutes if they need to go potty...hmmm... ;)


Samantha said...

This melts my heart! I'll be praying for your YL girls. Have a fantastic time!

Scott, Teresa and Gabby said...

I love your heart for your childrend! I will be praying for you and them as well as the girls going with you while you are gone.