Thursday, November 1, 2007

One Awesome Halloween...

Our day started with a bath for my cousin Case. Don't you like his alligator towel?? I'm starting to learn how to be gentle with my baby cousin. :)
Don't you just love his punkin' hat? He's real cute.
Here's some more pictures of the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun!

Here's a cute one of me and my mom by the tractor.
Then we went back to Auntie Christy's house and I played with Case's stuff. Here's me with his paci in my mouth! I just see one and can't help myself!!! :)
I got hungry, so my dad fed my cage! (Don't worry,'s not mean...I actually like it in here! :)
TA-DA!! Buzzy, Buzz...Busy Bee!! Don't you love my costume?? My Mom and Nana found it for was only $6 at this cute consignment shop in Sumner. (My mom's working on bargain shopping :)
After I trick-or-treated at my Aunt Lynn Honey's house, I got in my jammies and got ready for bed...but no one would let me until I tried on this Donald Trump wig. :)
The End.

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shawna said...

i just LOVE all these fun pictures. especially the one of you and little miss hailey! so cute.