Monday, December 8, 2008

A Love for Her Cousins...

Every morning without fail Hailey wants to see her cousins - Caser, Gabby and Mason. She sees their pictures and squeals with delight!

She looks at this picture and says, "Caser football popo!" (Popo is another name for buns in our house...)

Then she looks at this picture and says, "Gabby crying!!"

And lastly, this picture...and says, "Mason take a baff!"

She loves these CRAZY! :)

Miss you, cousins!


Fry Fam said...

We miss you too Hailey so much. Wish we could come play more often!! Love you xoxo Gabby and Mason

Our growing family said...

that is really adorable...she is going to be two and praying for everyone in her life because of pictures she sees of them! She is so sweet!