Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hello, my name is Jessica and I'm a "Diet Coke-aholic". It's been 6 days since my last drink.

In all seriousness, I have a problem.

When there is icy cold Diet Coke in my fridge, I rarely choose water when I'm thirsty. It's sad and totally unhealthy. I've tried limiting myself to 1 a day, drinking a bottle of water before every can, etc. but I always go back to drinking mostly pop.

I recently stopped buying it, but allowing myself to have some when out and about. Ah, the headaches. However, almost a week ago I said "NO MORE!!". I need to get healthy, and one big step is getting rid of my vice. I have many other changes to make, but I'm taking them one at a time.

Goodbye, Diet Coke...hopefully for good, because I don't ever want to go through the days of caffeine/artificial sweetener headaches again.


Jen Green said...

Good for you!!! I bet if you do some research on the dangers of aspartame and high fructose corn syrups (not necessarily together) it will make quitting much easier. Good luck!!!! You can do it!!! Maybe switch to something like Hansen's soda. It doesn't have artifical sweetners & it's really yummy. Grapefruit is my favorite.

Alicia said...


1. This is awesome. I am SO excited for you!
2. With my recent cleanse I have had to drink so much water that I hardly ever have cravings for soda. Sometimes I actually crave water. Weird, but true.
3. Should you need any accountability, I am totally there for you. I might need some while I tackle my "no desserts" for lent. Gah, what was I thinking!!

Anyway, just wanted you to know I love you and you aren't alone!

christy said...

you are a brave brave woman!