Saturday, August 22, 2009


"Is that clean?" - This is what she asks when she wants to make sure that whatever she's about to eat is still good. She's very concerned about germs, you know...

"I wanna watch harcoons!!" - She wants a cartoon.

"What ya doin'???" - This is a question she asks all day long...whether or not she already has been told what you're doing.

"I no like bees!?!" - This is something she says when she sees an insect of any kind. This is usually accompanied by flailing of the arms and perhaps a few tears.

"I wanna hold you!!" - This means she wants YOU to hold her.

"Whoa...that was a big a polar bear!" - Ahem...this is a Hailey-ism she uses in the restroom...don't ask me why she likens her BM's to that of a polar bear... (I have a feeling this last one could get me the "worse Mom ever" award when she's a pre-teen!!)

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Scott, Teresa and Gabby said...

Those are great! It won't matter once she's a pre-teen just about anything you do could get you the worse mother's award. Just keep loving her.