Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh, Toodles...

Two people's admission to Wild Waves/Enchanted Village: $ more than we would like it to be

Rides: Free

The look on Todd's face when he drew the "short straw" and had to ride the Frog Jump with the kids: Priceless

(Good thing he was under the 150 pound weight limit for the ride! :)

Thank you Fry Fam for the use of this picture that I totally swiped off your blog!


shawna said...

oh my goodness. i laughed out loud when i saw this...PRICELESS!!!

Doreen T. said...

What a great dad!

Stacy K said...

I did the same as Shawna. That is the best! What contest can we enter with it? I am sure it would win!

Alicia said...

Definitely giggling.

This would be even better if you blew it up and put it on the wall above your bed. ;)