Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Paci-Fairy...

She came!! ;) We'd been talking about "her" for quite some time and she finally came. She works a lot like the tooth fairy...she leaves a present in place of the pacifier when she's sure you've become a big kid.

Hailey is potty-trained, has moved into her big girl room, and is a big sister...I'd say that makes her a big girl, right??? :)

She LOVES her new back pack...and the two or three little surprises that were in it! She spent the better part of this afternoon playing with the fresh play-dough she got... :)

So far, she hasn't mentioned her paci except for when she first went down for her nap this afternoon and suggested we run to Target to get her a new one. :) She did, however, have a really hard time getting to sleep. We're hoping she has an easier time tonight, but we know that she'll adjust okay eventually.

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Stacy K said...

That backpack is almost as big as she is. Just darling.