Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fashion Show!!

Here are a few of my most recent fashions...I have yet to convince my mommy that I'm not a paper doll. :)
Here's my new brown hat. I've finally given up and don't try to rip off every hat my mom puts on my head. It's just so much easier to cooperate. :)
Here's my winter coat. I like the fuzzy hood, but it's still a little big. I look like the little brother on A Christmas Story!!
Here's a picture of me trying to get away!!
Here's my cute matching sweater and hat that my Aunt Lynn Honey got for me. My mommy says it makes me look like a little lady. :)
My mommy says that you can't fully appreciate this sweater without seeing the three purses on the back!
We'll keep everyone in the loop as these adorable fashion choices continue...

Happy Sunday!


Auntie Lisa said...

So cute...Gabby has that same brown hat. Just haven't been able to wear it yet as it's still 90 degrees out here. Call us later so we can skype Aaron's home.xoxo

Anonymous said...

Okay so very cute right... but one concern...

You let her chew on your keys?

=) Megan

shawna said...

adorable!! i think i say that in every post, but it's sooooo true!