Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reality Check...

Todd: "Wow...did you see that, Jess...Chris is only 24!"
Jess: "Yeah...so?"
Todd: "And I'm how old? 27 or 28?"
Jess: "You'll be 29 in January, Todd."
Todd: "WHAT?? No way...I'm not almost 29 am I??"
Jess: "Yeah, Todd...you'll be 29 this year."
Todd: "Holy cow...that's a reality check I really didn't need right now..."


Sheeshe said...


Lisa said...

We all knew you were old Todd...why such a shocker for you! Don't worry though, Aaron is right behind you gray hair coming and all!! Can't wait for the year of 30 you know Jess and I are going to make a HUGE deal about it you old farts.

Christy said...

I love how he always forgets his age and also forgets how much younger Chris is than him! I can't wait for Todd to turn 30!?

Kara said...

Dusty always fogets how old he is. He keeps asking me, "Am I 27 or 28".

"You're 28, dear. You should know that."

Your mom said...

How can that be that you are going to be 29, when I am only 39?