Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our Night With the Tangens...

Last night we spent a fun-filled evening with the Tangens. We had tacos for dinner and then went to the Saturday night service at Northwest Church (which is conveniently located down the street from our house :). We got back to the house around 9:30 or so, and let's just say that the girls were POOPED! Hailey headed straight for bed, but Shayla wasn't quite ready. Sean and Erin decided to put her in the "Jump-n-Go" to see if she'd jump herself to sleep, as she so often does. Nothing could have prepared me for the hilariousness that is Shayla sleeping in the jumper!! She is completely asleep, and then every so often you hear the music go off and the "boing" noise of the bouncer, BUT SHE'S STILL ASLEEP!! So stinkin' cute... :)

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